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Discover the World of Plants with our Wholesaler

Over 17,000 Varieties Weekly, Easy Ordering Process and Shipping Included

Customers choose us for our unrivaled extensive plant selection, offering over 17,000 varieties. Additionally, the minimum logistic requirement is only 1 trolley, which makes deliveries flexible and economical.


Our transparent business model, without hidden fees, ensures full transparency in the purchasing process. Customers also appreciate our high quality of plants, delivered directly from proven producers.


Our company is not only a source of plants, but also a partner who cares about diversity, freshness and satisfaction of each customer.

Why Epic Green

Our wholesale store boasts an impressive selection of plants, giving customers the opportunity to find the perfect species that will meet their unique gardening needs and preferences.

Rich Assortment Covering Over 17,000 Plant Varieties

Our wholesaler focuses on maximum flexibility and convenience for our customers. We offer minimal logistics in the form of one Danish trolley, enabling garden shops and garden centers to easily and economically complete orders. 

The Logistic Minimum is Just 1 Danish Trolley

We guarantee that our plants are of the highest quality because we deliver them directly from proven producers. This ensures our customers that the products offered are fresh, healthy and meet the highest quality standards.

High Quality Plants Straight from the Producer

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